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JSC is an Open Source cross-compiler where you can create web applications for Java, JavaScript, Flash ActionScript, PHP and Google App Engine using Microsoft .NET in C#, VB or F#. And also integrates into the .NET frameworks, Silverlight and ASP.NET. We're currently BETA and would love you to try it out.

 Visit our WIKI for more information and tutorials. You can download JSC installer here.

In one solution you can have all three .NET languages. You can use F#, C# or Visual Basic to implement your client side application for JavaScript, Adoble Flash and Java Applet.

How does it work?

The jsc compiler will read the IL bytecode and emit source code. Additionally the jsc compiler will use compilers like mxmlc and javac and use their output in a way to make them available for JavaScript in the Browser Application

Web Platforms supported:
  • JavaScript
  • Java
  • ActionScript
  • PHP

The jsc compiler can convert C# to JavaScript, but wait, there is more!

Where are we going?

Our vision is to enable the seamless and efficient integration of multiple web platforms. With innovation and creativity at every turn, on top of Microsoft .NET.

Get in touch!

You can send as an email at info@jsc-solutions.net

Meet the founders

The team behind jsc compiler at this time consists of two people

Arvo Sulakatko (Estonia)

email: arvo.sulakatko@jsc-solutions.net


Carlo Godoy (Canada)

email: carlo.godoy@jsc-solutions.net

visit us at: